Sunday, November 12


i will have fond memories of blogger but the lure of friends-only posts has proved to be too alluring

plus it's getting retarded plus tiring blogging on two sides.

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Wednesday, November 8

i am missing acj with such a passion now that just now when i watched this year's arts face video on youtube, I CRIED.
mixed with the fond memories i have of ac is the underlying feeling that those were the best years of my life and that no school is going to ever be able to compare to that.
i know not everyone had as good an experience as i did, but when i think back on those times, i really get very overwhelmed by all the memories..

remember the everpresent etch-a-sketch with random musings written on it
remember the smiley
remember the void deck and 'our' table
remember the happy hut
remember zaogeng staircases
remember gp package tests
remember 'heaven' (and how angry we were when more people discovered it)
remember fun-o-rama
remember the aagirls
remember birthday taupoks
remember yong tau foo!
remember teh peng
remember triple geog thursdays
remember toilet breaks
remember snack breaks between lessons
remember creffield, tan cc, ganga vpl, ng xy, lynn and meow
remember our sandwiches
remember our classroom with it's inherited spongebob and mirror
remember the ubiquitious acjc sweaters
remember endless consultations
remember the hub
remember the chicken rice aunty
remember arts fac videos
remember our mountain of e4 books
remember annoying classmates (i miss cheryl)
remember noisy fridays when they played music in the void deck
remember guat
remember the backpacks
remember rainy days that left us stranded
remember shumin falling down stairs
remember nydc and coffee club tuesdays
remember study camps
remember night walks
remember grumpy days
remember the axis of evil
remember all the photos

because that's all we're left with. I MISS AC!! shit i am damn emo now.

mich me laura shumin.jpg

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Friday, November 3



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Thursday, November 2

i think my comms prof is manic depressive, he suddenly just scolded us today and told us to stop wasting his time, then after those two short very shocking sentences, he went back to being his usual jokey self.
he also kinda scares me because he attacks and pokes fun at people with such a straight face, you can't really tell if he means it or if he's really just joking.

and he's such a messy prof, he can't get his schedules straight, giving us major assignments one week before it's due.
we were just informed of the task today..
it's group work, self-formed groups working on a case to be presented with powerpoint next thursday. which was bad news for me because that's the class i have NO friends in! ok i have mag but she doesn't really go for class as well so both of us ended up stranded with no group.
in the end we split up and joined different groups. we are both the only girls in our respective groups -_-

last week was good fun for me!

thursday we celebrated schan's birthday
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BIMM!!! may you eat more and put on weight in the coming year.

island creamery cake YUMSIMG_3062.JPG

we had dinner at Via Veneto (thanks schanniee!), the food was good. i had ravioli, which i haven't been having much luck with lately so was damn happy when it turned out great. plus we had the entire restaurant to ourselves so we could unleash our crazy girltalk volumes without being a hindrance.

group pic

i love birthdays, good chance to meet everyone again cos nowadays everyone's so busy it's damn hard to coordinate schedules..

then on saturday, i had bizlaw makeup class which wasn't bad considering i didn't do the necessary readings
went home and frantically searched for a costume to wear, then psy picked me up (wanted to dump my halloween stuff in his car) and this is what transpired during the ride to school..


it's taliTITS! hahah.. i brought along my sister's taliban costume in case anyone wanted to wear it and tits started wearing the beard in the car and dancing along to his trance song in it.
we got many strange looks from nearby cars hahah

i went to school to suport BEN in virtuoso! he came in 4th not badd righttt.

classic ben pose

this is the classic ben pose.

then at night we went to cocolatte to celebrate halloweeeeeN!


hahah party planner steve as PCK, his mole was really really really gross. try to picture black masking tape rolled up, with hair sticking out of it.

you can't catch him he's the gingerbread man!

you can't catch him he's the gingerbread man!!

im just missing my broom

with chunli and the cat in the hat

first time we dressed up for halloween, it was kinda last minute..
SAD though because next year kren and lola won't be here for halloween ):

ok so that's that. i'm getting bad at blogging on blogspot because i downloaded a lj widget and it's so much easier to post there.
PLUS there's the friends only function and the option for many layers of friends.
so enticing

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Thursday, October 26

today's one of those everything-can-go-wrong-but-i-have-my-friends days..
every night before i go to sleep, i lie in bed and categorise my day, typically today would have been categorised as SHITTY..

going back to school was a major shock to my system.. after 6 days of nothing but movies, friends, supper and books, i came back to a whole mountain of work, all due before friday
it's a damn overwhelming feeling but i sorta feel up for it. actually paid attention in FA today, thanks to my favourite wednesday girl sui who printed out the lecture notes for me.

this is sui, she is damn damn sweet. and clevera too who isn't in this picture cos she left for sambal masala

and also, 3 out of 4 of my classes this week are/were cancelled! so no school for me tomr (:
the sucky bit is that we have make up lessons on saturdays, but no biggie I CAN DEAL WITH THAT.

then today, my mom decided to unleash all her problems and woes onto me. although i understand her need for catharsis, and i know she just needs a listening ear, sometimes i just feel like telling her to go talk to someone else.
like maybe a shrink.
all the problems she tells me about have to do with my dad (who despite his many shortcomings is arguably my favourite person in the world) and i really really hate that because it makes me feel very torn.
i sympathise with her and all but sometimes her arguments/complaints are so ludicrous it just makes me mock her in my head.
just now she told me that the reason why she refuses to go to the doctor when she's sick is cos she really really hates seeing my dad eat pills for any random illness he gets.
and the whole time, in my head i was just trying to see the connection.
one day i'm going to tell her that she shouldn't tell me these things, cos it jsut makes me lose the already very little respect i have for her.

anyway, after FA today, i went to Holland to meet the aagirls!
we had crystal jade and i am now very happy-full

there's nothing i miss more than having a bunch of good girl friends in school with me.. when i think about acj, AAGIRLS just pops into my head, because although i was many things other than an aagirl, it kind of was the largest and happiest part of my ac life.

that being said, i'm glad for the friends i've made in smu where it can get lonely and dark and cold..
before i forget,
today's ACT OF CHIVALRY award goes to alvin mustopo

here are some pictures of the distinguished young man (he's one year younger than i am)

the story goes like this:
alvin lives in pandan valley, which is just after holland v and he always drives home after FA class. so since today i was gonna meet the girls at holland, i asked him for a lift.
he said he was gonna go to the gym so no he couldn't. i wasn't annoyed or anything because holland's just a 15minute bus ride away.
BUT when i got out of the window-less room from hell our FA class is conducted in, i found out it was RAINING! not terribly heavily but it sure wasn't drizzling.
so i asked alvin for an umbrella and he asked me to wait while he got it from his car.
being lazy i told him nevermind and proceeded to walk to the bus stop.
five minutes later i get a call from Alvin and he says he's going to drop me there!
so i get in his car thinking he decided he was too lazy to gym. but no he tells me he's going to drop me there and then come back to school!
(i think he felt guilty)

hahah so for this uncalled for, self-initiated gentlemanly act, alvin is awarded the inaugural ACT OF CHIVALRY award.
pats on the back for this young man please!

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Sunday, October 22

i've been acting like it's my second term break or something ..
went for my first mambo in a really long time (all the classic mambo songs, i danced for 3hours straight!) and then skipped my thursday comms class.
since tuesday is hari raya and i have no class on mondays and fridays, it means i'd have SIX days away from school.
and i'm very determined to really be away from school, no saturday morning meetings please
also have been severely neglecting school work.
haven't been doing bizlaw readings or paying attention during FA, the former is not so bad cos i can follow in classs. FA is just completely beyond me now. i don't even get the simple LIFO - FIFO stuff man.

but i've been having too much fun to do that pooey..
yesterday i was out for something like 18hours straight, at the end of the day i felt so disgusting i just wanted to wash my face.
relief taught at acs pri in the morning and horror of horrors, my first period was primary 3 chinese.
i had to go through a compre with them and i hadn't spoken mandarin in ages.
at the end of the lesson, a boy came up to me and asked 'can you speak chinese?'
was so unused to waking up at 630am that i managed to take a nap in the canteen DURING p1,2 and 5 recess. i can't believe i slept through 30minutes of crazy screaming kids..
then i had my favourite class in the whole world for 6periods till the end of the day.
cannot emphasize how much i love 1F. they are damn easy to teach (first class i taught art too and actually enjoyed) and they are all still scared of me.
surprisingly i managed to remember 3/4 of their names (took them quite a lot last time) and my favourite kids matthias and aqif were there!!
i loveeeeeeeeeee matthias i love him . he drew me a 'special star' on my hand!
and aqif really breaks my heart. his mom passed away around the middle of the year and last time i took his brother aniq too. i think i blogged about them before. they are really cute, clever, SAD kids. when you look at him you can tell
i also wonder what's going on in the minds of parents who are STILL around. there is this boy called nathan and he cannot read anything that's more than one syllable.
you have to understand that this is very distressing becuase it's their exams next week and furthermore i don't get how he could have gone through 10months of school without learning to read!
was very horrified.
but besides that, i still really love 1F, will be very sad when i go back next year and have no little matthias and aqif to look forward to.

then i met budget bud who is not so budget anymore. we watched the departed after i satisfied my bimbimbap cravings.
the departed is infernal affairs' sad sibling, it really cannot compete in terms of acting, plot nor location..
i wanan watch the prestige next ! what's up wtih the recent slew of movies with nondescript names. the departed, the prestige, the guardian. they all sound the same to mee geez.
shopped around a bit afterwards then i went for the dayang trip gathering, whcih was a failure because NO ONE CAME and NO ONE BROUGHT PICTURES !
hahah but it was still really fun cos we decided to go to geylang for supper..
after eating tau hway and mee sua, we decided to get in one car and go on a tour.
xavier the geylang expert was telling us what to look out for and we even got stuck in lorong 14 (which btw is really pimp central) for 15minutes. it was not very exciting. hahhaha

on saturday i went for Work and Travel and we all got in! i mean yeah basically they shouldn't call it an interview because it's not that. it's a paperwork session.
so if all goes well, cass and i will be in orlando, florida next may!
so exciting.. if there's one thing i really like about uni, it's the fact that it presents so many opportunities to travel. by the end of this sem i'd have gone away 3x already..
and hopefully i'd have saved more money to go on more dive trips next year. does not seem likely if i DO go on for work and travel.
i'm thinking of arranging my modules such that i can relief teach in the morning and go for classes at night.
i really need the cash to supplement my paltry allowance.

yesterday i spent a good night in with my family!! we took a long walk around our neighbourhood, i bumped into jan&bf and chermaine!
we went a bit crazy in the playground, climbing all over the place, my mom included.
check out her face inthe photo below hurhurhru

and then we went to ice cube to have sucky desserts. they really shoud up their game man, their ice cream's like twice the price of island creamery's and no where as good. their waffles sucked as well so we adjourned to cafe cartel to have waffles AGAIN..
then my mom got so enraptured by the new menu , she decided to order nachos. -_-
but it's good because i've been neglecting my family. today my dad asked me to watch the liverpool-man u match with him and asked why i haven't been spending time with him..
then when it old him i matt and psy were coming down to gardens he looked damn disappointed. ARG!
need better time management.

anyway have decided to spend the next two day relaxing then really getting down to catching up on school when wednesday rolls by, i really have no mood to do anything work related..

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Wednesday, October 18

i'm really like my LTB group. at first i honestly didn't think i'd get along with them but know i really enjoy their company, and i think we work damn well as a team.
something to be grateful for i suppose cos alvin was saying that he really cannot get along with his group members and i'm trying to imagine saturday mornings and late nights with people you cannot get along with. .
today we got a surprise birthday cake for jiaying (ltb group member) and i brought the supershiokers chocolate royale (is the 'e' for added sophistication?) and everyone loved it but we couldn't quite finish everything
imjad was like 'do not throw it away in front of me, i will kill you' (not in those exact words) cos he's fasting hahahha and the smells were wafting in towards everyone in a 1m radius during LTB class today
i think we're really tight in an odd way cos we certainly aren't on the same wavelength.

attempting to kill daryl, this happens on a daily basis cos sometimes he really says and does the MOST out of point things ever..

hahah this is an example of daryl's usual nonsense.

WORKING HARD. (check out the boxes and hearts and cranes, we went to school on a saturday morning to do this hahhaha. oh we made kites and played with blankets too hurhur)

that's boonkeng, our TA, he's damn nicee. and that is meeee hurhur describing manta rays.
BK is kinda like our driver. we squeeze in his tiny nissan march and go places.
i realise this picture can be construed wrongly. but that's only if you think about it really hard and if you ahve a dirty twisted mind.

hand painting! my group (we aren't allowed to show their faces at all) was quite touchy about the face painting so we didn't do much. but this looks pretty nice rightright

at the end of it all. check out our happy faces. believe me, we were reallyyyy relieved it went well..

i think i have mastered the key to surviving life in smu. to have absolutely no expectations.
now i'm getting used to school and i think it's partly cos i really have zero hopes pinned on any of my lessons, groups or projects. it certainly makes things easier.
also, have become used to the loneliness that sort of plagues you in Uni, now i can comfortably sit on lone benches with my macbook and be sufficiently entertained.
sometimes people like kb and daryl come along and give me mortal kombat to play with and tell me strange things
other times i just attempt to do my work and surf the 31o032190 blogs i stalk every day.
it is a peaceful existence heh

have also gotten used to saturday meetings. now my brain does not scream 'what the hell this is wrong we cannot meet on saturday!! we especially cannot meet on saturday mornings!!!'
it just whimpers 'oh okay, what time?'
have yet to decide if that is a good or bad thing


in other news, my mother has decided to take things into her own hands.
fed up with my father's combined procrastination and general stinginess in subscribing to more scv channels, she called them up secretly and now we have all the kids channels plus the bollywood channel herself.
this does not call for much celebration though because i now am reduced to watching downloaded shows during any free time i can squeeze out.
now we wait and see how long my father will take to figure out that we now have 5 new channels hurhurhur

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yesterday my pal chris/clitz/bonkers_chrissy/fats/bom (think he will kill me when he sees this but i think he doesn't have internet for a few days hur) flew off to taiwan
this is all i have to say to him
BE GOOD (realise kren already said this but i think it needs reiteration hahaha)
and please no red/purple/black/green light districts, just look at the poster, hope it's steamy enough
also had to say taht cos he told ME that, which is unnecessary and very ironic hahah ..

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